Magick Without Tears pdf


Magick Without Tears pdf

“…What is Magick? Why should anyone study and practice it? Very natural; the obvious preliminary questions of any subject soever. We must certainly get all this crystal clear; fear not that I shall fail to set forth the whole business as concisely as possible yet as fully, as cogently yet as lucidly, as may prove within my power to do. At least I need not waste any time on telling you what Magick is not; or to go into the story of how the word came to be misapplied to conjuring tricks, and to sham miracles such as are to this day foisted by charlatan swindlers, either within or without the Roman Communion, upon a gaping crew of pious imbeciles. First let me go all Euclidean, and rub your nose in the Definition, Postulate and Theorems given in my comprehensive (but, alas! too advanced and too technical) Treatise on the subject. Here we are!…”

Magick Without Tears isimli 295 sayfadan oluşan kitap ; Aleister Crowley tarafından yazılmış ve GECE KİTAPLIĞI yayınevinin 31.07.2021 tarihinde yayımlanmıştır.

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